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We are the nightcrawlers

We don’t sleep at night

Our beds soft and tight

Yet we do not have the right.

We are the nightcrawlers

Our eyes are eyes wide shut 

We are the watchers of the night

Oh when did we sign this plight

We try to take a flight

To the deepest path of night

But try as hard as we might

Sleep refuse to seal our sight.


We are the vampires

How can we sleep now?

The moon is bright and full

Creativity boom at its peak

Night was meant to sleep

But ours we spend to write.

Oh what a sorrowful plight

For the day’s sun shall come

To deprive us of our rights.


Black and White silhoutte

Doze by TheIncurableOptimist




 We are the nightcrawlers

People of a special breed

While others hug their pillows tight

We flex our muscles slight.

We are the nightcrawlers

We toil while others sleep

Then sleep while the sun is high.


Who will save us from our plight?

Who will bail us from this night?

We frown and know we shouldn’t fight

But when the time comes and the night is nigh

We know our watch is about to begin

We are the nightwatchers

Why don’t we sleep at night?


This is dedicated to those

ordinary amazing people

 whose creativity wake up while

other mere mortals sleep.