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I saw a tall man today,
His legs were long
His head would touch the sky
If only he would stand straight
But he was in the midst of dwarfs
so he always bent his back
Never standing straight
Until he became kinda hunchback.

I saw a giant today
He could lift a 150 pound trunk with just one arm
He could fit the weight of the world on his shoulder.
So every day he piled more weight
The people cheered and he basked in the glory
He was a giant after all.
More and more and more he added
Then one day he become no more.


I saw a wise man today,
He knew what to do at every turn
People came to him from every town
But he had supper with fools
While they drink and merry he would sit and watch them,
Just eating and nothing more
he hoped to make them wise
So the supper continued
He ignored what they say about a companion of fools
And one day the folly of one ruined them all.


Reflection _ BGC Manila, Philippines _2015

I saw a brave man today
He could face his fears
crush them beneath his feet
And make a mash with them
But he was surrounded by cowards
They would whisper to him how everything was impossible
Every day and every where they repeated it
Until slowly but surely he became just like them.


I saw a beautiful man today
He was so handsome they named him beautiful
But he was a swan amongst ducklings
They would quack and mock to make him quake
Until they sapped out every ounce of confidence he had
So he stopped believing how beautiful he was.


are you
standing with?


Deck _ 1004 Bus stop, Law School, Lagos, Nigeria_2017

I do not write good poetry, even though some of my friends would say other wise.

When I manage to, my poems are unconventional. They are usually long narratives, fiction in lines and verses. But does it really matter?

I got inspired to write this piece when I saw a very tall man on the street. The light bulb in my head got turned on and I couldn’t let it go. They words forced themselves out.

I never consider myself tall even though I am flirting with 6ft because I have friends that are taller. But what happens if I am with people who are 5ft and below, do I become a giant then? Or do I remain what/who I am?

People always talk about minding the company you keep. They say it shapes who you are, that it defines you. So some people go by the route of cutting people off, if friends and family do not fit into the narrative of their lives they let them go like a used tissue.

I do think that is extreme, because one way or the other we are all toxic. But at the same time I believe we should be conscious of the company we keep. We should be wary of the people we stand with.

It’s a tricky situation because it’s not set in stones and the middle ground is quite blurry. I don’t have all the answers, I wish I do. But the question is who are you standing with? And the answer is another question.


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