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Atoms of micro molecules

Smallest strings that hold complex structures together

The glue whose importance is only noticed in its absence,

Yet insignificant.


Tiny pebbles

Countless droplets of a mighty wave

Splashing to and fro the seashore

Carving gorge in rocks,

Yet insignificant.


Up above the sky so high

Twinkle twinkle the mighty star

Seen from far you look so small

Great but nothing but a speck of dust on high

Still insignificant.


Man on a flight of stairs

Stairways, EDSA Manila, Philippines, 2015

Yet man thinks he is the master of the world

Puffing with pride and prejudice

“Do you know who I am?” he spits to stamp his delusion of grandeur.

Oh how insignificant.


If only you and I can see

That we are a nobody no matter who we are.

If only it will sink in

That the cosmos won’t bow at our individuality

Maybe then we will become more human

Embracing our insignificance,

To become a significant part of an insignificant world.


PS: This might not be classic poetry, but hopefully the message is not lost in translation.


Photo credit

Featured and Embedded Image by #TheIncurableOptimist, he is on Instagram @bekexjj