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I am what you see but do not know. I’ve seen it all, experienced it all, accumulated the knowledge that I should have, lived the life they chose for me. I come from an era of little intelligence but much wisdom.

I see through the eyes of those whose names I shall not utter. They claim to have a resemblance to my features; that they walked like me and although I know they do, I deny our affiliation right before their eyes.


So they start to attack me. After invading my territory and claiming my effects and relatives, they say I am ancient history. But history may not always be as ancient as it seems. Moreover, rumor has it history isn’t always so kind to its subjects.

I was an imbecile to them. The common being. A simpleton.

What they’ve forgotten is that I occupied this atmosphere long before they could even have a chance to realize whom they were.They forget these red soil beneath their feet and ashy-grey skies from hot volcanic gases were once ruled by me, the simpleton.

If they’ve achieved half the things I have, they would be damned forever to sprint along an alley like the schizophrenic village jester.

I come from a time where equality wasn’t invented and gender roles were mere speculations. Every being had the same epidermal tone, ebony. I evolved from utilizing tools made from stones as my primary skill. Therefore, carelessly taunting what you do not know would be quite reckless.


It was in these days that they fingered with misleading theories of evolution, so that I may remain unknown by my clansman, you. Although what they say was never my reality. They will try to persuade you into thinking for you and succeed in tricking you, but I have prescience.

I am the original. I existed before Zeus ruled Olympus, before Hades was exiled to lord over the underworld. This wasn’t 140 AD, it was 1.9 million years before their millennium. You should prostrate in my presence like your forefathers did.

Your so called modern technology cannot compare to the great insight I possess, yet modern man ridicules me.My con-sanguine family forced into slavery and made jest of; like some sort of circus freaks. “The Ape-men” they tagged us.


Regardless of their manipulations, we found freedom. They thought they could force my kinsmen to the edge of extinction. Our innovative designs became their inventions, forcefully embezzled from us—but jokes on them, because like myself, the warrior spirit is submerged within us and this my dear can never become extinct.

I am not who they claim I am.  My journey will not be ending anytime soon.

I am forever the outcast. The freedom fighter.

I am Homo Erectus.

I am Human.

This is one of my favorite piece from the brilliant but vague-loving Alexander (I.O.U), she exist as a mere piece in a world so great and in incomprehensible times. She pens down her soul in a journal and cast it away only to open it again. She is the one . She blogs at memiorsofalexander  and can be found on Instagram  @idaraabasi and on Twitter @luverdozeee.


You should also read THE LAST OF THEIR KIND- Fiction, it is another beautiful but unconventional piece about human history and evolution.