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Lately the camera is winning the war for my attention. I do not write as I used to, but I am comforted knowing that I am laying the foundation stones for amazing and equally frighten projects.
I have always been fascinated by documentaries and short films. National Geographic and The Discovery Channel were my favorites channels. I would watch series of documentaries about the environment and how we interact with it. But the feeling was always bitter-sweet. I rarely see mind-blowing documentaries about Africa, about Nigeria, and about the creeks of the Niger Delta.
Few weeks ago, I read Fine Boys by Eghosa Imasuen and I was intrigued because he zeroed in on Warri — the town where I grew up. I loved how he used Pidgin without bothering to translate. That was hitting close to home and it strengthen by resolve to document Nigeria.
The pictures shared here are from a larger body of work. I decided to let them fly so I could give myself the licence to create more. I hope that by doing so, I will find the courage to look closer to home, to document visual stories about places around me and that years from now, people will look at these pictures and see how much things have changed.

📷 _ Machine Vs Nature: Array II_ Pump and Sell, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria_2017


📷 _ Man Vs Machine Vs Nature: Triple Threat_ Pump and Sell, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria_2017



📷 _ Machine Vs Nature_ Pump and Sell, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria_2017


In the sciences , we learnt there is a natural cycle for everything; Water cycle, Oxygen cycle, Nitrogen cycle etc. These cycles obey the law of conservation of energy which states that energy is neither created nor destroyed but are converted… (yeah this is not a science class).
Looking at how we’ve altered our environment overtime and with the upsurge of natural disasters one begins to fear that these cycles will end up destroying us. Maybe it has always been so, and we are just concerned about these things because the world is a global village or maybe it’s the climate obeying the law of conversation of energy in the form of climate change. 



📷 _ Machine Vs Nature_ Pump and Sell, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria_2017



 📷 _ Machine Vs Nature : Array _ Pump and Sell, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria_2017


📷 _ Man vs Machine Vs Nature_ Pump and Sell, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria_2017


Some people think climate change is a myth, some point to natural disasters and absurd weather conditions as proof that it’s real. While some others just want to document the changes so those stuck on the fence can decide. I think I am in the latter group. And I hope to document these changes as they happen around  me.



Photo credit : All pictures used  are mine, you can follow me on Instagram to see more of my visual stories by clicking here.