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You are scrolling through your timeline. You see a post by an atheist, where he claims Adam fell from Eve’s Vagina and then another one that God is just an Old Sky Daddy who exist only in your head. You get mad, you click comment and begin to type, you started with this, “The fool says there is no God…” — yes he is a fool, how dare he contradict your bible. You do not forget to call him an idiot. Use all foul language you know on him. He doesn’t deserve to be respected. If he wants to be respected he should have respected God. So you troll his timeline, and respond to all his questions by posting endless scriptures. The Bible is the ultimate, so there is no need bringing other points to your discussion.


After a while you move on, feeling satisfied. You have fought the good fight of faith — you defended God. Then you see another ungodly post. This one is a direct attack on you, someone called your Senior Pastor names. He wrote things against your church. You could have ignored, but the poster belongs to another church. This is jealousy from the pit of hell. You know because your church is better than his.  So you launch a counter-attack — his pastor is fake, everybody knows. He is slandering your pastor because your church is bigger than his. Every Sunday your attendance triple, his dwindle. His church is out to discredit your church so they can populate theirs. You can’t let them do it. So you wrote series of post about their doctrines. How it is against the scripture. You tell people not to go close, they are agents of the devil. Wolves disguised as sheep, the kind Jesus talked about. You do not care if the allegations you labelled are true, you just attack. Besides everything you wrote about them are known facts online.


You hate gay people. What they do is a sin, your bible says so. So you celebrate when you see a post about gays burnt to death. They deserved it. Evil creatures polluting the land. They are the reason the world has so many troubles. You see a witch confess, your blood boil. Smoke comes from your ears. Suffer not a witch to live the scripture says. So you bring tire and petrol, like the gay folks she must have her hell on earth. So you burn her, after you have whipped the confession out of her. You do not care she is a child. She cannot fool you by posing to be a child. Everybody knows she killed all her siblings and made her father jobless.

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You attended Church on a Sunday, so you decide to share what you learnt online. You started by reminding those who did not attend church that they are doomed for hell. You tell them they will always suffer. Those who shun God can never be successful. You do not care if they believe God exist or not, or if they subscribe to another religion. They are all doomed for not believing in your God. They will never prosper unless they come to your church.


You have a genuine reason to be angry. People quoted out of context an excerpt from your pastor’s message. You want to school them about the scriptures. You want to remind not to rush to form an opinion on things. You want them to listen/watch the entire video. You started out calm on the post your shared on you wall. You were willing to engage in a meaningful conversation. Then someone came from nowhere to call you an idiot. He says you are an Idol worshiper, a senseless Christian who defends everything Man Of God says. He add that you are clueless and brainless, one who only cannot read and understand the bible. You are not even friends online. Others followed suit, they insulted you more until you lost your temper. You returned the favor and mud was thrown, names were called, sanity lost. You forgot about caution.

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What did the bible say about love, tolerance and empathy? Whom did Jesus say he came for? If Jesus should come now will he recognize what you preach as what he preached? My dear remember just before you rant online, that your words are a reflection of you. They say a lot about your faith and can make someone decide whether God is worth following or not. Choose your online battles wisely.  Just before you click post, pause and ask yourself, If Jesus is online, will he post what I am about to post?


Blessed are they merciful,

for they shall receive mercy.

Matthew 5 vs 7



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