Writing has always been my therapeutic. It was something I picked up quite early in life and it became a therapy to ease my pain and disappointment in my early teen years. People usually have an habit which saw them through difficult times and writing turned out to be one for me. I do love writing, it eases my stress, putting words to paper is an exercise that helps me think; because most times, before writing I have to ponder most of the words that fly into my mind. Writing I believe is a tool, it is also an act and an art. It is a form of art where words are used to paint a picture. It is an act where pieces of words are arranged to fit each other perfectly like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. It is a tool by which changes can be made and issues can be addressed. Writing is also a pulpit, where sermons can be preached. Writing also is a lecture hall, where the readers are the students been thought by the lecturer who writes. Writing is a game, countless fun can be had and important lessons learnt. Writing means a whole lot to many people and can be anything to anyone as long as he or she is willing to put words together. Like all acts, it is deliberate. It is an action where decisions are made deliberately and like all form of art it requires certain set of skills. Writing goes beyond putting words together, it goes beyond knowing figurative terms, knowing all the ethics of language. It goes beyond that. Writing I believe is a voice, it is speaking in blank and white. Actions they say speak louder than words but writing I believe speak the loudest. Silence most people say is golden but writing I believe is diamond. For battles are fought with tanks,bombs and jet fighters but peace is only brokered via the pen.
Why do I choose to re emphasize these truths?
I have seen that most times the voice of writing not only speak the loudest, it is also heard the longest. When one writes, he not only writes for now, he writes for later and even for generations unborn. Speeches are great but a written editorial is remembered more. This day I raise my pen or rather mouse and keyboard and give it all to all writers. Weather Authors, poets, editors, bloggers, serial facebook posters, journalist, playwrights etc. I say I respect you all, for taking the mantle and leading us all out of the blindness and ignorance we find ourselves without writing. Pick up your pen, mouse and keyboard, Ipads, Notepad and Notebooks. Whatever it is, pick it up and let lessons be learnt via the voice of your words. Speak out and be heard, write. Words still have power and writing remains the best form of expressing such power.