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imagesMaking her way through the crowd, the music blared louder and louder from the gigantic loudspeakers station at various corners of the hall. The dancing became more intense as the rhythm intensified with the tempo of the music. As the light flashed on and on (clearer and clearer it became that now more than ever it beams) in the darkness. The spiral light of several colors showing mere glimpses of dancers whose bodies have transmuted into another realm. Their reality was far from here and as their sweaty bodies more sweat release, arms thrown into the air, feet departing the ground as dancers leapt into midair, screaming at the top of their voices as more than ever the music gained an intensity they never imagined it could. The combination by the DJ was something else as that he had the Midas touch that transformed stale and rusty cacophony into a melodious symphony, seemed his second nature as the ease with which he does it made the crowd believe it was born in him. He (mind controlled the audience) and as he swapped from one track to the other, with extreme care that the transition between tones, rhythm and beats went synchronously louder and louder screamed the audience like Oliver Twist asking for more.

But yet amid the intense dancing, she pushed her way through the crowd as towards the door she went. Her wailings drown by the blazing woofer and her tears overflowed by the salty sweat flowing freely from the bodies of transfigured dancers. She sniffed her nostrils as the loudness of her wailings reached another crescendo, further she screamed and wept at the top of her voice, stretching her vocal cords to its elastic limit. For the tears she shed deep down from within her soul it came, for where she thought could never be hurt, behold the castle guarded by the sacred mythical dragon has being breached . She muscled her way through the crowd and felt a hand on her shoulder, several hands had touched her as they certainly must in the midst of the crowd, some stray dancers had even grabbed unto her, either those too drunk to recognize their partners or those single birds looking for whom to mingle and those mischievous and discontent folks who just want a quick feel, who poke, pull and grab any female they can in a dance hall but this grip exceeded all preceding it by several degree. Grabbing unto her shirt as a man overboard does to a life buoy hauled at him the hand gripped her tighter, she pulled away with a corresponding force not bothering to turn to know who grip her so hard for in the eyes of her soul, she could see him already. As she was liberated almost like a fish escaping from a net into a hook, he gripped her left shoulder with another grip stronger than any vise could manage and she made to be liberated from this, she became free but not at a cost she bargained for. His vise like fingers tore off a piece of her gown, digging into her flesh and scratching off chunks of raw human meat. She screamed all the more as the pain struck a nerve so sensitive beyond words and immediately turned to enact the laws of Moses “an eye for an eye” but on a second thought she restrained and hastened her pace for the exit as it dawned on her more that this was a fight she could not win.

“Yeah Mr. DJ!” the crowd screamed totally oblivious to the happenings around for so engrossed were they in doing their own thing, that the little things happening around them became unnoticed.

Dee Jay! Ride On!” came several screams as she rallied out, while her assailant followed her hot on her heels.

Further the tears ran freely down her cheek and her screaming got to a pitch she never thought she could strain her voice to attain but yet she was drowned by those blaring loudspeakers, her wobbling feet failed her and to the ground she landed like a bag of grain tossed into the sea she made to return to her feet but dancers sent her tumbling back to the ground, stamping on her as they made those mad moves they spent hours learning besides who cares if a drunk stripper falls on the ground? Her strength failed her as her screaming which kept going louder and louder drained the energy from her but soon like a mist rising over a mountain on a dewy morning she felt herself rising to her feet. But her hope was dashed to the ground as this was a curse disguised as blessing for the hands that pull her up are the hands she is fleeing from. She looked at his face like a skinny kid does the mighty class bully and a cold shrill ran down her spine, crippling her the more for she saw what she least expected, his smiling. Although he grinned deeply at her, the teeth she saw behind the curvy lips were meant for crushing and she became more convinced that like a bone is to a hungry dog, she is to him. She screamed all the more till her lungs failed her as he pulled her out, but did anyone hear or see? Who cares? For just as the priest and Levite went the other way in Jesus’ “The Good Samaritan Story” the few who took notice merely shrugged their shoulders and went about doing what they do as the music blazed on, rising in crescendo accompanied by ear shattering screams of dancers engrossed in their dancing.

How louder can distractions be?

It immerses people in their own sphere, blinding them to others, closing their ears and making them insensitive to everything around them.

For we live in a world where we are drowned in our own needs. We are covered and so busy that we cannot see anything happening around us. The “I myself and me philosophy,” for humanity has evolved to love only themselves, to only appreciate themselves, to value themselves and themselves alone, men are either crooks; I am needy thus what is yours is mine or the care less folks; what is yours is yours and what is mine is mine is mine, I need nothing from you and am to give nothing back to you in return.

In each and every one lies that tendency to preserve self and along with that need is the corresponding need to enjoy and celebrate self.  Even those times when we were afraid, it all bore down to self. Our fear builds blocks around us and we respond to others based on fear, it’s this fear that chains us and compels us to protect us. Even in our actions guided by fear, our natural reaction is the protection of the inner circle, those immediately affected around us and little by little we broaden the circle to include others in accordance with their relevance to us and how valuable we equate them. Fear guides almost every decision we make, our careers, marriages etcetera become fear inclined. Our prayers even are fear propelled, we cast and bind to imprison and destroy rarely to free and build because we fear hardly ever do we see the need to thank and appreciate. For why thank when there are many battles still to be fought? Why extend the hand of mercy when authority has being given for our declarations to become laws? Why see with an eye of grace when evil is planned against us? Why seek to reconcile when extermination takes care of the cause? For we desire to preserve self, thus blind to the plight of others even those passing through hell before our very eyes, we merely look, shrug our shoulders and turn the other way or sometimes we take photographs like paparazzi, enjoying the scene rarely compelled to act and effect a change.   For it is all about us.

We are the stars of our own shows, take the limelight and beam the spotlight on ourselves totally oblivious to every other. Our prayers daily become more selfish and as we dance to the music of life, we are deaf to the pleas of the hurting; we step on those beneath us as we attain to climb higher in the ladder of success; we kill to preserve for sacrifices must be made for harvest to come and there most be a lamb on the altar yet we are blind to sacrifices we can truly pay, for what better assistance is there to give than effecting the lives of people positively?

“Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.

For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function,

So we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.”  Romans 12 vs 2-5