Grace doesn’t love the loveable,
She doesn’t fall for the meek and gentle,
Nor does her heart belong to prince charming.
She isn’t thrilled by luscious dates,
Bedazzled by exotic boat ridesNor is her heart won by a courteous fellow.
No! She doesn’t smile to a humorous joke,
Grace doesn’t act that way.

Grace doesn’t pay the hardworking,
She never rewards the tenacious
Nor does she reserve a price for the egregious.
She doesn’t award the dexterous one,
Honor the triumphant team,
Never glorifies the undisputed and undefeated champion
Nor does she adore the exceptionally gifted.
No! She doesn’t bless the worthyGrace doesn’t do such things.

Grace doesn’t speak for the just,
She doesn’t pay for the high and mighty
Nor does her ways for her friends becoming
She isn’t compelled by worthiness;
Stunned by dedicated Levites
Nor is her body for those who cherish her.
No! She doesn’t go for the rich and powerful
Grace isn’t such a lady.

Grace loves first,
She doesn’t ask to be loved in return
She just shows love because she was formed by love.
She speaks for the mute and advocates for guilty souls,
She pally with sinners and honor dubious men,
She plays with fraudsters and pays lazy men’s meals,
She loves the brothels because there lay her friends
And as for the prisons, her lovers live there.
Grace blesses the wicked and forgives the unrepentant,
She adores the losers,
eulogizes the failures and sings ode to the cowards,
She falls for the flirt and cherishes the playboys,All the cast away she recast her own,
Grace is such a lovely lady.
She doesn’t wait for the deserving.She scoops the undeserving.