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He crawled helplessly towards the crucifix,
Blood oozing from his nose and mouth,
His toes and fingers plucked off with feet bleeding,
Tears formed scale on his eyes,
He moved despite not seeing beyond his nose
And when he began to speak , The words shocked all who heard.
“Thank You for the thorns Lord,” he began.
“Thank you for the storms
Thank you for the high gale
Thank you for burnt fingers,
For wounded knees and bleeding Toes
And thank you for broken heart.
I appreciate you for what you did,
I reverence you for what you do,
I magnify you for what you will do
And most of all, I bless you for what you didn’t do.
Not because you cannot do them,
But because I don’t need them.
For mercy and grace: thank you.
For joy and laughter ; Thank you
For Fun and Sun; Thank you.
For birth and growth; Thank you
Thank you; for needs not met,
Thank You.
Though I think I need them 
But actually I only want them.
I may frown and curse,
Complain and nag
Cry and wail even pout my Lips in defiance
But as a loving Father they do not perturb you.
Thank you for unanswered prayers
Not because you can’t answer them,
Nor because you won’t answer them,
But because either I have to wait for something better
Or because they aren’t important,
Maybe they are luxuries that can turn me into a spoilt brat.
I appreciate you for harsh times
I praise you for rash times
I adore you in tough times
For then  I feel your presence strongly around me,
For in those times, Your grip on me is stronger.
Sometimes in Life’s journey,
I see only one foot print in the sand of forsake me
I asked where you were those times,
Knowing you never leave nor forsake me
But your response shocked me,
For those where when I couldn’t walk and you carried me shoulder-high!
Once again thank you for unanswered Prayers,
For saying no to amorous longings,
For what good is a thing I want
That pulls me away from you?
What is a feast leading to war, a game leading to a grave?
So Lord, Thank You for unanswered Prayers!” he concluded
as he struggled to his feet and out of the church
dazing the entire congregation as never had they heard a prayer as  such.