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Quote on Writing by Gene Fowler

The best way to start writing

The amazing thing about not knowing what to write about is that you can write about not knowing what to write about. I think that is a privilege only writers and their impersonators enjoy.
When an artist doesn’t know what to draw or paint, he paints nothing. He will stare at a blank canvas until frustration makes him tear it up. Right? But a writer? She can stubbornly get words and latch them on a piece of paper until they obey. The words though can be just one word. A one word sentence. Impossible! But who cares, one word sentences can exist. Just write a single word and let a full stop do the rest.
Anyway, I have found an amazing cure for that thing most writers hate — writers block. When ever that block is hurled at you, don’t even bother to build a house. Just ignore it. A house built with Writer’s block is a permanent blockade. Your muse would be banished forever.

So when writers block come visiting, get a piece of paper or get in front of a blank Microsoft Word screen and write or type these words;

“I don’t know what to write about.

Continue writing the words until it fills an entire page. If you can write in multiple languages, by all means do. The more the merrier.

Continue writing it in different languages until you have filled several pages, a note-book, another and then another. Do it until your computer is out of space. Then get an external hard drive and do the same.

When you are done, you can show it to someone else. It’s advisable you mail it to an editor or straight to a publisher. Tell him/her that it is the most amazing thing ever written in the history of things that have been written. The outcome is always magical.
If you are lucky, you will find yourself in a psychiatric ward trying to convince the doctors that you are normal. Or in a prophet’s temple, participating in a fasting and prayer session to free you of your demons.

Anyway, whatever the outcome, the stories are endless. You will have lots of things to write about. An infinite number of possibilities. Imagine writing about trying to convince people you are not insane or possessed and no body believes you even when they are reading what you wrote. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Who says writer’s block can’t be useful? A disease to be cured? Forget your muse. Just go out and wing it. If it comes with the risk of a mental asylum it’s a risk worth taking. People do crazy things for love right? After all, being a writer is not normal.

Quote on being a writer

Too late to turn back now