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And she said, “because you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean it’s not there. It might not be rising for you now but it is rising for someone else. And it will rise for you eventually, so wait your turn.”

“But what if there is an eclipse?” I asked.

“You just said it yourself, an eclipse. How long does it last? And how often does it even occur?”


PS: Though this is extra short, it is one of my favorite dialogue. I have thought about making it longer, but every extra word I add seem to ruin it. So hopefully, you can see beyond the letters and understand this is not just about the rising sun or an eclipse.

PS 2: I have been a bit under the weather (a fancy way of saying feeling ill) so writing is pretty  hard because headache won’t let the words come out to play.

PS 3: Anyway, nothing last forever. Time  rolls. Change happens. The sun will rise again.


Photo Credit:2 All Images used belong to #TheIncurableOptimist