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Food for the soul
But like all foods
Junks are aplenty
Stale lyrics, dirty dance, 
only beats, no meaning
Eat responsibly.

Food for the soul
different genres 
different meals
A slice of Reggae here,
chunk of Rap, 
glass of Gospel,
spread of Jazz,
soup of R&B, 
spiced with High-life
salad of Afro, Rock, 
Pop, and Country
Eat a balance diet.

Playing Hands By TheIncurableOptimist

Food for the soul
The lyrics matters,
they could treat any matter,
But as long as it matters
you can eat it to the letter
or lick it later.

Food for the soul
Prepared like a buffet
not to be rushed
savor every beat,
crush the bones of its lyrics,
ruminate every line.

Food for the soul
You who write music
are they healthy to eat?
Take away your junk
Ladies shaking 
just their behinds.
Cook a wonderful meal
whose taste would linger
and ginger the minds of all
Long after you are no longer Top 10.