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You are a special kind of ordinary

A different the same

A complicated simple.


I don’t get you when I start getting you

I see you more when I see you less

And the further away I sail, the closer to you I get.


You are a scarce form of regular

A visual invincible

A vague clarity.


Lady On A Train

Girl On a Train by Olanami Theophilus


I want to not want you but I don’t know how

I hold my breathe to go away

It don’t matter, you already take my breathe away.


You are a never ending second

An everyday millennium

A numeric alphabet.


I want to understand  why so I ask why

I find the answers only to see they are questions

And then those questions have answers that ask other questions.



You are my reflection in a wall

An expensive bargain

A noisy symphony.


I want you to know me as much as I know you.

We both see we

And while others try to figure out what this is

we already know it’s a love-note from me to me. 

PS : On the rare occasions I write poetry, they come out looking like this. Here is to hoping I can learn to write better poems. Shout out to those who can boldly call themselves poets.