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Reading like eating is a very pleasant process if your taste buds are functioning properly. If the taste buds responsible for dictating hotness is faulty, you can’t enjoy coffee. If it’s the sweet detecting bud, then ice cream and chocolate will be bland in your mouth, and if you can’t tell bitter, you end up missing out on the awesomeness of bitter leaf soup. Eating would be torture.

It was Achebe who said In Things Fall Apart that proverbs are the palm oil with which words are eaten. He is certainly not wrong but how can you enjoy eating words when you can’t cook them properly? Here is where good old punctuation comes to the rescue.

In primary (Elementary) school, especially during English and Bible Knowledge classes, we were asked to read aloud. That wasn’t always a wonderful experience, aside the battle of pronunciation, there were trains without brakes — people who read on and on until their breath told them to stop— and Humming Birds — those we would always clamor to read because it was ecstasy hearing them read. Of course you have the Analogue radios hybrids of brake-less trains and humming birds.

It was many years later before I understood why my classmates fell into each category — they do not have well-functioning taste buds.

Punctuation is an extremely vital part of grammar, aside it being possible you can be jailed for improper usage as shown below;lets-eat-grandma

I Shoot People

— okay this requires several reading to understand — Punctuation can either make reading extremely boring, a medication for insomnia or it can turn it into music. The trick is to understand how they are used.

Let’s dine on some often ignored and highly misunderstood sets of mathematical lines who lobbied their way into the English Language. They are here; Mr. – , Miss. —, Mrs. _ , Madam -: and Engr.  /

They have names, and you are not looking at mathematical symbols, they are punctuation marks.



Did I leave out some English-mathematical lines? Or do you have an often ignored punctuation that affects not just the taste of our reading but also the digestion of words? If you keep scrolling you will find the comment section below, use it and teach us. Don’t be greedy.


There are so many intentional jargon on this post, they are meant to confuse you—or maybe not. They might. just be.there”here”, to let you know! how _horrible it is to? read and write without proper punctuation!!! So pay attention to them when you write okay, 

And please writing is not a sport of anarchy, obey the rules or the grammar police will lock you up.


Know your, not No you’re contractions.