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I have seen words suffer.  I have tortured some myself. Unrelated words forced into an unholy union, the sight they produce irritate all eyes. Yet that doesn’t irritates me as much as seeing words sent on a journey with false directions.

Understanding a body of words is difficult on its own, so care should be taken to make sure everything is in place before sending them out — a map with proper direction tucked in their hands.

But humans will never choose to do things easy. When most send words out, they do not bother to pair them correctly. They deep hands into their bag of words, bring out the first word they touch and repeat the process until they have enough words. It is a form of casting lot, so you see them arrange “can you elucidate the propensity of your monumental action?”

These are not the worse lots, there are other more terrible culprits. People who draw wrong directions on the map.

They will gather the words together, and when you stumble on them you will see this

“ there worse parts of our live is the times we didn’t know… was the worse ones!!! Those days we spended sad. Sadder and sadder those days become.

Monstrosity! I would scream, if I could afford it. But words like monstrosity are expensive. They do not sell them in the farmers market where I go to get mine at give-away price. Buy one take one. So I end up saying too bad, instead of the mighty monstrosity. At least, I try to equip my words properly when I send them out.

Every day, before I let these words out of hiding —from the secret place under my pillow — I make sure they fit. My words go to the gym, so they don’t come out overweight and unkempt. Hence I do not let words like verbosity out, just because I can. I would rather ring simplicity, because many people will recognize it along the way.
That, isn’t the essence of this post though. The problem goes deeper and even higher. High enough for people to mount their words on unnecessary punctuation marks, like they are writing pun! Or Porn! Or whatever it is that excite them so much to use the exclamation mark unnecessarily!!!

I.Abuse the full stop. Some people abuse the semi-colon, the em-dash and even a simple, comma. But me, I abuse the full stop. I use it anyhow. Here. Or. Here. Or even. Here. Putting a full stop to people’s thoughts. Is amazing.

Some other people abuse the ellipses. They can use it here… right in the middle of a sentence like this one…. Or this one… or even this. Forgetting an ellipsis as a friend once said, represent the unity of three full stops, the essence (yes I can afford to use essence twice in three paragraphs) of all punctuation that should come after, the concept of continuity…

But I don’t care. As another friend puts it, ellipses are just three drunk full stops waiting for their turn. But the most tragic are the wanna be ellipsesticals who made them a group of four or more full stops….. Forgetting that when they are more than three, they are nothing but dots or rather lines.An ellipsis is just three confused dots following  each other, nothing more.

If you must use quotation marks. Make sure when you say, “that is what the man said.” The full stops and commas are where they should be and you didn’t use inverted comma or apostrophe. It is not “,that is what the man said”.

Neither is it, “that is what the man said.

Remember to close your quotation after opening it. You do not enter a car and leave the door open while you drive off. Not that your can’t do it, but you shouldn’t do it. You will be a hazard to other road users and the police will likely arrest you. So, don’t feel since it is just words you can use them how you like.

“That is what the man said.” Is very different from ”that is what they man said.” Hopefully, you noticed the difference.

Punctuation Social Personalities

Punctuation Social Personalities

Punctuation are the traffic wardens that direct words. If they were not there. There will not just be an endless gridlock of words, the resulting accident will breed casualties too many to count. Words can go on and on like this one turning into a sentence too long that you will not know when to pause and hold your breath to rest in-between read but you will just keep reading at breakneck speed until you collapse from exhaustion. That is what happens when we totally neglect using punctuation all together or when we misuse them. The results are often tragic.

So please, don’t hang your words on punctuation. Murder is a crime, whether the victim are words, thoughts or people, it doesn’t change a thing. You can call it suicide, but that doesn’t make it less inhumane. Use your punctuation marks correctly. They don’t just make reading easier, they save lives.

PS : What punctuation mark do you abuse? 

What punctuation mark do you see people abuse that piss you off !!!!