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My Sundays are not complete without a glass of livelytwist.com . It’s one of those reasons I rarely post on my blog on Sundays. I prefer to marinate on the juicy stuff available there all day, and even suffer a hangover on Mondays before posting typically on Tuesdays.

Before livelytwist, Moment to Moment via Sunday Vanguard was my Sunday afternoon cocktail. But few years ago, there was an hiatus and Moment to Moment became another thread in the clothe of history.

Here is one of such cocktails, where Tim shares her view on Race, Ethnicity, Prejudice, and Attitudes , which she captured with her trademark style of simple but beautiful writing laced with slices of wisdom.

Often when people speak of racial prejudice, they talk as if it is unidirectional, forgetting the prejudice, which also lies in the hearts of its victims so that if power changed hands, new victims would emerge. Is this the real fear that makes one race dominate another—get ‘em before they get us?



The series continues on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. So do remember to visit on those days as there are more eye-opening contributions and I do not want to enjoy them alone.

Share these articles online, discuss them with real life friends and virtual friends on social media, and above all, I will encourage us all to be civil.

The goal is not to foster hate as stated earlier, but to help us understand the unique interactions of different races in different countries.

How we became racial conscious/aware.

What led to racial stereotypes and prejudice?

Dealing with people of other races and how we can improve on our humanity.

Thank you and join me on this journey as we learn more ON RACE.

Please contact me via email X43writes@gmail.com if you are willing to contribute and read the Intro post to the series HERE.




When the first strains of light filter through my curtains, my mind leaves my dreams to form coherent thought. I do not think of race, I rarely do.

I am aware of the colour of my skin. How could I not be? My foundation is a blend of mocha and caramel, my blush dark rose, my lipstick red, because I can pull it off. I am aware of the colour of my skin. How could I not be? I hug “white” people loosely and blow three kisses on either cheek, so I don’t stain them with my brown powder.

But when we get down to work and play and life, beyond enunciating my words with care and observing cultural nuances to accommodate the diversity in my world, I am Timi, a person with much to offer from the height of my intellect to the depth of my experience, and the…

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