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I have never had pimples the way people who have pimples do until now.

This morning, when I woke up, I saw my nose. It was longer, pointed. When I slept last night it was flat and wide.

“What happened?” Without words my hands crept to inspect my face.

Then my palms saw it. Standing at attention on my nose was a platoon of pimples. My fingers wanted to pluck them off, but my brain was quick to send the message, “you don’t pluck a fruit unless it is ripe.”

Yes the pimple is a fruit, and my nose is its garden.

I closed my eyes. I hate seeing my nose or rather the pimples on my nose. I imagined being blind and was loving it. Then I remembered GOT Season 7 will be out next year. My eyes received sense immediately.

My feet stood up, it wanted my eyes to look for a mirror and my hands to pick the mirror when it’s found.

The mirror is not far away, my eyes saw and my mouth said. My ears heard it and my heart pounded faster. My face doesn’t like to see itself, especially if it’s not smooth as it should be, so it frowned. But nobody cared.

My hands got the mirror and my eyes were forced to stare. A bigger frown covered my face, but the frown couldn’t cover the pimples. The pimples stood at attention, tiger look, bothered about nothing.

Abstract Shinny  Face in The Dark

Photocredits : Wallpapercraft.com

“What should we do, to get you out oh pimples?”
“I am here to stay. I am part of the face too.” The pimples ‘s spokesman said.

“I am part of the body too,” a rogue hair said. “But occasionally I let the barber cut me, his clipper smooching my inside. My brothers in other parts of the body fall off voluntarily, we do because the body will look ugly if all the hair remain.”

“Same with me,” a skin cell chipped in.” I fall off without anyone noticing.
“And me too,”said a finger nail. “Only most times it’s the dirty teeth that get me out.”
“Just as you often betray me,” a toe nail screamed from below. “You are lucky you are far away, I would have kicked you to death.”
“Even me too,” my anus said. The others were stunned, “How dare this smelly anus interrupt us ?”

My anus did not mind,”I let shit out daily to keep the body working.” It continued. “Without me, the shit will….”
“Oh shut up!” My heart cut in. “Shit is shit because it’s shit, besides nobody gives a shit.”
“Keep quiet Penis, nobody wants to know how you let piss out,” my brain said.
“I haven’t even said anything yet,” my Penis was amazed.
“The anus is your neighbour, you will soon start telling us you keep the piss.”
“It’s not only piss I let out. Without me, the ladies will revolt. Even while you are all sleeping in a dream that is wet, I release…..”
“Oh, Please spare us the details. I need food,” my stomach said.

Meme on a Toilet Seat : May Your Aim Be with You

Shoot Responsibly

“Food that will eventually turn to shit,” a little muscle chirped in.
“Like you will be useful without my shit,”my anus said.
“It’s not your shit, it’s ours,” my large intestines said. “It only goes out through you.”
“Shut up guys, don’t forget you can’t make a shit if I decide to remain close,” my mouth was talking now. It loves to lord over the others.
“Smh! Like you can resist when the eyes says it has seen good food,” my liver said.
“Shut up liver, all you do is release bile. you are only as good as piss.”
“Why are you laughing?” You are giving me a headache”
“Shut up head. Without me you will roll of this body,” my neck announced.
“Like you can stand without me,” my shoulder sneered.

A painted Mickey Mouse Face

Photocredits : Alexander Khokhlov

Meanwhile, the platoon of pimples on my nose kept quiet while they argued. Excited because they were growing bigger.
“These idiots have forgotten us,” the platoon of pimples said to themselves. Just then,my left thumb wandered to my nose and together with the index finger plucked a ripe pimples off.
“Hahaha! Who’s the idiot now?”My mouth said.
“You are,” my nose said as two streams of catarrh flowed from my nostrils to shut my mouth up.



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