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I want you to love me
hopelessly, passionately & completely.
Let your love wreck me
that nothing can fix me.


I want you to miss me
like a wife whose husband has gone to war.
When the night gets lonely, put on my pants
so I am always close to your thighs.

Everyday, love is all we need.

Lost Love


I want you to kiss me
to hold my face in your palms
with your eyes closed
as you take in these soft lips.

But above everything else
I want you to stay away from me
for I am not ready.

PS:  @Orunor keeps reading Betrayal by Fen Michaels which inspires him  to twist plot twist and write awesome poems like Mama (Click To read)

Photocredits : @TheIncurableOptimist, Go follow him on Instagram, he has a nice gallery. The him is me though.