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Mama today I got a call that you left home.
That you emptied your room leaving nothing but a mattress.

What will happen now?
You’ve put a distance between us
I have so many questions for you.
You probably think I won’t understand
Maybe you are right
But this isn’t about me.

Black and White Portrait of a Child's face.

Photocredits @ugin_x

This is about your husband
The one nobody is concerned about
the one you left alone
With the family you built together.

This is about your husband
The one who will continue to seek solace
In gins and wines
To keep loneliness away just enough to get him through the night.

This is about your husband
The one who has spent everything on your comfort.
the one expected to show no emotions
For he is a man.


  “And if the homes are in chaos, how can a nation Thrive?” TheIncurableOptimist


PS: My friend @Orunor wrote this wonderful poem. According to him, he’s being thinking about family and the things that binds us (both nuclear and extended) lately, thanks to reading  Betrayals by Fern Michaels .


Cover Photo by  @nadia_khaliq

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