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Oh how much I have heard people say about you,
The promises you hold and the sadness that can only be brought by you.

Our sadness you soothe by the promise of reunion.

Oh you blame death? No I disagree.

Death is the way but you are the place.

You are the city whose doors only open for the incoming.


You are the place where we don’t want to go but for our loved ones lost and the hope of reuniting with them.
You offer us reunion in exchange for our souls.

I miss the ones dear to me. The ones in your abode.
While I cling to the ones here with me.
If that’s my only win over you then that’s alright.

(Jiroma Runor)





I am the place
You are the one
The one who must pass through the way.
I am the place that replace your here to there were you ask where.
I am the place the rich never want to reach
But the one all men must reach at the end.


I take and never give
I unite only to separate you claim.
I bind just to break another bond
I wipe your tears with more tears
I take away pain with another pain
I exile your fears with new fears
And I bound with a seal that never breaks.
I am the wind you feel but can never grasp; For you wait all your life and pray to avoid my path
Only to discover when you get here,
It’s your life’s journey all along.


Yes you cling to your loved ones while you

And curse me because I let you in and not let you out.

But If getting  you here is all I get,

Then I never really lost.