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Every day, when you want to smile the world will tell you no. It will advise you to watch the news. How can you be happy when there is so much sorrow in the world? Are you so heartless? Taking a selfie while so many are dying of hunger? Haven’t you heard of those who died from the recent attacks scattered all over the world?

Everyday life gives you a reason not to be happy. It will remind you of dreams not met. It will tell you that you are not moving fast enough. It will show you people who started the race with you but are now far ahead of you. It will sneer at you, do they have two heads that they do better than you?

Everyday Quote Everyday society will call you a fool. They will look at you brace the storm of your life and judge you. They will require you to mourn longer for a loss. They will tell you not to laugh because you do not have everything figured out. Are you so stupid that you celebrate a battle not yet won? 

Every day the media is not funny. Social media bring up gossips and senseless quarrels. The print media gives fake headlines. Television feeds you with depressing images, of sadness living among us. Of countries split by war. And the thoughts that so many disaster go unreported even makes the pain more painful. Why do the media chose who to mourn?

Every day religion tells you it can’t be trusted. You hear of atrocities done in the name of God. The boldness with which people name God’s name and take a human life irritates you. Everyday people hate each other because they have a different view of God. Or maybe because they do or do not even believe in him. Isn’t God all about love and tolerance?

These things hurt, and they hurt more when every day you wake up and fault yourself for being you. When you question your strengths and over estimated your weaknesses. You conclude your failures and mistakes are you. You look back at where you are coming from and conclude you are still there. So you ask yourself, am I the best person to do me?

Are You important to yourself?

How long?

Here is to the troubled regions in the world. Too many to count, may you find peace. Here is to troubled individuals, may you learn to love yourself so you can love others. The World is bleak enough, please let’s not make it any bleaker with our individual actions.