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If you are fortunate enough, you will live long to see death come closer to home. Love ones will become dry leaves, falling without end from the tree of life. You will grow  lonely without age mates, because they knew when the leave life’s stage while you choose to linger on, hug the limelight, live life to the fullest.

If you are blessed enough you will hear the name Bros and Sist  attached to yours, or Kuya and Ate’ if you are Filipino. Soon you discover people start calling you Uncle and Aunty. Then it dawns on you that you carried curvy teenagers when they were babies,  you didn’t even know when you become an adult.

If you are fortunate enough you no longer feel uncomfortable  when people call you Mr. or Mrs. because you are already used to hearing people call you Daddy or Mummy. Then you realize you are responsible to guide a younger being through life, a journey you don’t even feel qualified to take.

If you are fortunate enough suddenly you stop hearing Daddy or  Mummy. You begin to respond to Grandpa or Grandma. Your strength  no longer remain as it was, soon you become  a baby again — you become a baby to those who once called you Daddy or Mummy.

If you are fortunate enough you will make a peaceful exit. You will  close your eyes to sleep and never wake up. People will mourn you and write eulogies of how you lived your life.


Silhouette of a Hand on a Window

The Hand  by  TheIncurableOptimist

If you are fortunate enough the eulogies would be true. Strangers won’t come and say how great you were and how much you inspired them. Loved ones will tell the truth about you , not afraid to speak evil of the dead. They will let you go naked as you came. Strip you of all titles and belongings. You won’t become a saint just because you are dead. They will honor you as the demon you were while alive.

If you are fortunate  enough you become a favorable memory. A picture in a frame that brings tears to few eyes. Then gradually you will become another piece of history, gone with the wind — forgotten.

If you are fortunate enough to experience any of these phases you have being human. Born to learn  in a process called living only to die when you have figured it all out. That’s if you are fortunate enough to live old enough to figure things out. Or maybe your fortunate was to be part of those who go through life without figuring out what it is for.

If you are fortunate enough you will  discover after you die there is no another life. That this life is all there is. You will not be compelled to reincarnate, sink into the dungeons of hell or lapse in the luxury of heaven. You had just one chance at living, and you will be haunted in the afterlife that isn’t for not taking it.

If you are fortunate enough the life you lived will be  the only life  you have to live. And when you go to where ever people go when they die  you will not answer questions on how you lived your heaven. Yes your heaven, because this earth might just be the only heaven there is.

How was Heaven?

Photocredit : Pictagar.com