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He would have put up his father’s picture on his profile,
But it would open up old wounds,
Stir up dead flames.
Mama would call and cry,
Telling in between tears how she misses her husband,
So he didn’t , because Daddy is no more.

He would have accepted the happy father’s day from his daughter
But it would be stale.
He was not present at her naming,
Nor was he there when she started or left school.
He wasn’t the one who led her down the aisle
So he pulled back, he couldn’t take it.
He had not been a father.

Black and White Portrait of a Man on a Road

Photocredits : TJ Benson

He would have been laughing now,
His kids tattooing every inch of his body.
But it can only be a wish.
Their cries hunt him still.
A suicide bomber in October,
One blast at Eagles square
He lost all three of them,
Their charred bodies not even left to be buried
He was a Father who is no longer a Father.

He would have shared a drink with his son,
Rambling about the women in their lives
But it can only be a pipe dream.
They haven’t spoken in years,
Jimmy is now an artist,
He wanted to be called Papa Doctor,
Hot words flew and Jimmy left home
He ceased being a father,
His son was no longer his son.

This is for all whose Father is no more,
For all who has no one to call them Father
For those with broken relationships with their Fathers
For those mothers who doubled as Fathers
For the Fathers who are Fathers not by birth
You too can Enjoy Father’s Day.

Father's Day Meme

Photocredits : Plusquote.com




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