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Shadow on a Railway


There was no brain in the class. It was a school of skulls. Nobody worth teaching anything. One had to have a little drop of intelligence to learn. The ones here could as well be sheep. The only thing they learnt without been taught was to eat and drink water. They would have perished too if they were required to learn to breathe, but the lung as long as it has a nose to give air would breathe. That was the singular thing that made them survive to learn to eat and drink water.
The food they ate was not cooked, they haven’t learnt to make fire. They had the habit of scavenging dead carcasses — they had not develop tools to hunt. They ate fruits too, only the ones that fell on the ground of their own accord, they didn’t know fruits could be plucked from trees. Any pool of water was good enough to drink; it rained always. Puddles always formed where their feet stepped on so they never learnt how to store water too.

They had no need for shoes, the field had soft grasses that was always fresh. It massaged their soles, but they didn’t know the tingle could be called a massage. They saw new places every day because they had not learnt how to build houses. They were never in a hurry, taking forever to put one foot ahead of the other, they had not learnt how to number their days. They didn’t know the great light that comes after they are covered with black is the sun, they often revered it whenever it appeared. They couldn’t tell it signified another 24 hours. They had no clock, so they had nothing to measure time.

Sometimes they would hear themselves make strange sounds. The first one who made it couldn’t describe how he felt — they had not discovered the mysteries of words. The others soon found they could do it too. It happened at odd times, when something rise in their gut. They didn’t know the sound was laughter, they had not learnt how to name their emotions. So they didn’t know sadness, hate, and guilt or regret. They also did not know how to label each other, it would be called crude seeing them call out to each other. Their boundary had no boundary, no one was bothered about standing for their rights, it had not come to their notice that a thing called rights and privileges existed.

They knew only what they saw. Taking everything and everyone as they come. They haven’t found a reason to be organized, settle down, be guided and seek a form of protection. They had no possessions, they didn’t know what it meant to own things. Hence there was no need to be organized to wade off others who wanted what they owned.

It’s been said that they were the purest form of their kind. They had not being tinted by anything. They lived simple lives and would last on and on. They were the last good thing on earth, then they started to name things and learnt how to life simpler and better lives, they have become humans and neither the world nor they have known peace since then.


Photocredits : TheIncurableOptimist