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I have fallen in love more times than I can count, with music.
One of my most recent romance began as an out-of-body experience. My glasses stuck on my eyes, head phones sat on my head and further clutched the black rim of my glasses to my ears. My fingers stroked the black tiles of keyboard on my laptop, piles of books sprawled on the table, some half nude and others fully clothed. I was battling through a Thesis, quite frustrated because I couldn’t write right and was hitting backspace more than any other key.
Then along came Laura by Bat for Lashes, flapping it’s wings and screaming through my headphone via Spotify, “I’ve got you.” Spotify was my new drug and I always used its destructive playlist especially when I write or read.
I know a song and I are meant for each other if my spirit immediately resonates it. I hear it for the first time and it’s already a déjà vu.  I prophesy the next line, the next bridge and can tell when the chorus ends. I often do not listen to these songs to the end. I just tag as favorite, store them on one of my tech-abdomen and chew the cords later in peace with headphones blazing violently.
Little Lady by Ed Sheeran didn’t enjoy the same fate as Laura did. It laid wasted on my playlist for months, flirting with me with little success. I would either skip it or mindlessly let the tunes flow in through my right ear and out the left. Then one day I recognized it for what it truly was; BAE — a candidate for my favorite.
“What took me so long?” I asked myself knowing fully no answer would be provided.
Adele’s “Hello” I listened to because I slept, woke up the next day and everybody was talking about it. Hello was the new hot chic on the block, if the jury of public opinion passed the verdict she was hot, then she has to be. So I listened to it several times as I wanted Adele to realize its selfish to drain a persons battery by calling a thousand times ; What happened to text messages? Or maybe the real reason was Cupid — the little punk who never minds his business, shooting arrows at innocent hearts. Then the Hello album waltzed in looking drop dead gorgeous and I still haven’t decided what track I am really in love with. It might be Hello who got my attention first but who says one can’t multi-date?

“Gravity is not a superstition”, I saw on a friend’s BBM status. Few minutes later he beeped me, “You have to listen to MIs Illegal Music 3 Mixtape,” I did. And still can’t get over the track All Fall Down. MI spits rap alien to the Nigerian norm of music, probably why most folks do not appreciate him. I guess sophisticated is not for everyone.
Then along came Hillsong — who actually has been in the picture from the beginning; the big uncle whose children you cannot help but love. Dishing out hit songs back to back with no intention of stopping soon and those evergreen ones that might be old but always new whenever heard.

Picture of a Cassette

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The vast variety of songs on my playlist mirrors the people salad in my life. Laura, Hello, Illegal Music and Hillsong are reflections of how many wonderful people entered my life.
I have had Laura experiences with some, few exceptional beings cut across both sexes that my spirit instantly recognize. We operate on the same frequency and greet “Namaste!” Gravity doomed us together. While some are the childhood crush that lasts a lifetime, there from the very beginning as Hillsong, and others just hopped in for a fling I can never forget.
What makes this love affair hurt soothingly is when I hear a once favorite song on the radio. I pause a bit and take it in, my brain dash down memory lane and I temporarily relive lost moments of stolen kisses. A tear would stroll down my cheek and then I move on. I might end up buying the song later but it wouldn’t feel like old. It’s still the train that crashed my heart, the glitter in the dark, I hum and dance briefly to its surreal beats but something would be missing. And that is often our relationship with people. You didn’t burn bridges or launch missiles, you just drift apart, a boat without sail and the person becomes a favorite song buried under dust-covered cabinet of memories.

Ipod and Earpiece

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But the funny thing about a favorite song is you soon become bored with it when it’s on repeat for too long. You out-grow it, you have found another emotional pillar. Life happens and we will end miles apart from friends we thought we could never live without and when that happens, it’s the playlist of memories created together that matters.

When we stumble on such friends later on it’s best not to linger around too long, cause you might ruin that playlist on discovering so much has changed.


So here is to the Lauras, Hellos, Illegal Music and Hillsongs that have found their way into the playlist of my life. You might not be the current song I have constantly on repeat but that doesn’t make you less special and thank you for being part of my life’s playlist. Without you, life would be living without music and that ain’t a life worth imagining.