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You remember those times when the world was one big uncertainty waiting to be explored?
When rain was God’s own shower to wash the soap of dust off our skins?
You remember when we firmly believed we could have anything and could go anywhere?
You remember our super powers, the villains we slayed and allies we formed mummy said were never real?

You remember the gut wrecking laughter gushing out of ears, eyes and every inch of our skin not the one we wear now saddled between teeth laced by weary lips?


Photocredit : TheIncurableOptimist

You remembered we couldnt look under the bed because what we feared was real, despite every adult yelling they were not and were only in our heads?
You remember we were afraid of the dark because what lies therein we do not know and we will long for the brightness light brings making known and seen what was previously unseen and unknown?

What happened to us?
“We grew up,” those three words she said. Silently loud, screaming a deep whisper in my head and running to all corners where wild thoughts once ran ragged.
And I asked myself, but didn’t they say we would be free and know no fear when we grow up?