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Yesterday I got a new addiction that is not yet an addiction. I was with a cousin in the car, he tuned the radio on and series of soul wrecking music was coughed out. I stumbled on a rapper some years back, he calls himself MIMS(Music is My Savior), I don’t want to steal his idea of music but if music were a religion I would be a pious worshiper. Unfortunately  I do not share the same feeling for radio stations. I would rather control my own playlist unless it is Spotify and that is about changing because I have been glued to that radio station and even as I write this post I am glued still.

After dishing out series of orgasm inducing songs they started a show and the OAP  asked people’s  favorite quote.

I didn’t think long before Erin Hansen’s poem What if I fall fell into my head.

That happens to be one of my favorite quotes.

So today,  I checked my email and saw this snippet from my blogroll;

“Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?”


Suddenly  it feels like the universe is orchestrating a grand concerto about favorite quotes and all.

So I will share pictures of some of my favorite quotes and hopefully learn about that quote you run to that refuels your system.

To fight inactivity I turn to this one, Erin inspired of course

When I find it difficult to write, I go to this jewel I stumbled upon


During those times I feel like the Lord commander the sole proprietor  of knowledge, Ygritte’s constant  jibes at Jon Snow on Game of Thrones keeps me grounded.


When I begin to feel a bit worried I remember this;


And when truck load of thoughts ply the highway of my head I take a quick detour to this;


Please do share you favorite quotes, so I can quote you even as you Quote Me .