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My head is a collage of thoughts. Several voices, collide with each other not obeying traffic rules.
These voices, some are loud and will go on and on not caring if anyone listen. Others are quiet, you can drop a feather and hear it land for they will never say a thing but a whisper here and a whisper there.

The quiet ones, quite ironic are the loudest, they drop seeds of thoughts in the stillness of the night then the loud and heavy begins to wail when the sun settles on the sky. Not knowing they are puppets playing to the dictate of the quiet ones; the master puppeteer.
Some of these voices don’t talk, they give signs and would often prick a nerve here and another there to make sure they are heard. They do not care if another is hurt, all they care about is that they are heard.
Some others are blind, so they feel their way around, groping in the darkness of my skull. But these are the most reckless, one would think they would be careful, never comment on what they do not know. Yet they always know and whatever the subject may be they let their opinions known. And damn those who try to let them know the things they do not know for ignorance is the bliss they prefer to wallow in.

The voices in my head, they are brave and brainy but often not wise. One will say a thing, another will shut him down then another will rise and insist all voices are equal. The head is not animal farm it would say, so no voice is more equal than others. But that same voice will insist on being heard for all other voices are wrong except his; the voice of reason, self-proclaimed of course.
You see, the voices dont just exist in my head. They are in all our heads, in societies head and religious head or whatever head there is that has a head. And ironically the voices find their way to our mouths that is for those whose mouth still does the job of being just mouth. They come out and fly into other heads even when we dont intend them to. They are loose cannons, you cant tell them when not to fire. So what voices in your head, do your mouth speak or do they just remain up there playing hide and seek?