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There is freedom waiting for you

On the breezes of the sky,

And you ask ‘ What if I fall? ‘

Oh but my darling,


Erin Hansen

2016 is here and again we go on a marathon of New Year resolutions which can better be described as revolutions. We set goals and hope to have a better year. But hope is not a plan. Not that hope in itself is not needed, I believe nothing can be done without hope. As a Christian, I believe hope births faith. But Hope is not a plan, neither is faith a path.
Faith on its own doesn’t get things done, even the Bible which I subscribe to for sanity says so. It needs to be backed up by doing and even science agrees with it, hence Newtons laws of motion.
Taking concrete actions, some leaps of faith, getting a little uncomfortable but keeping an eye on what you want is what makes hope work and as a friend puts it, good things doesnt just come to those who wait, they come to those who go for it.”
2015 asked me a question, “Why Shrink?” The question came on the wee hours of January 1st and it stayed with me all through the year. Waiting to be answered and when the answer came knocking, I didnt know who it was because it came dressed as a question.
One of the perks of being a Nigerian is we answer a question with another question. So my Nigerian Life gladly obliged. And instead of putting a full stop after providing the answer to why shrink by reminding me of different situations that cropped up along the year, it placed a huge question mark at the end.
Maybe that is a general perk of being human. The continuous asking of questions which leads to self discovery.


Photocredits Via Instagram @bekexjj TheIncurableOptimist

That is for those who bother to have deeper knowledge of themselves. Some I believe are quite comfortable with being Jon Snow when their life is concerned. They know nothing, and would love it to remain that way. They prefer to wing it with the wind and land wherever the tide goes.

2015 came with highs and corresponding lows. Which made it perfect. It came with stories that have definitely made me better and of course worse. It came with discovering a new passion; visual storytelling, the art of saying several words within a picture frame.

It came with achieving concrete landmarks career wise which will serve as a springboard to higher heights and with several practical experiences to deepen my love affair with words.

But in all 2015 came, and 2015 left.
Now 2016 is here. But some of us, we continue to look at the rear view mirror at 2015 not wanting to let go. We probably exceeded expectations and we wonder what 2016 holds. What can it offer, when all that there is to be done have been done already?



Photocredits Via Instagram @bekexjj TheIncurableOptimist

To some of us the rear view mirror was broken, hallelujah 2015 is no more. So we focus on the windshield but the sight of the winding road scares us. We look at the year ahead and we shrink because the voices in our head says it cannot be done. I am not going to ask you why Shrink? I will ask you a different question inspired by Erin Hansen via her wonderful poem what if you fly?” Which if you missed is at the top of this post.

“There is freedom waiting for you
On the breezes of the sky
But my darling, how can you fall or even fly,
If all you do is hope and never try?”

So folks, 2016; live deliberate.