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So we wait, until we have a perfect story, until the scene is perfect, until everything falls in place.

We wait, because we don’t want to fail, we don’t want to try and be rejected. So we keep our cards to our chest, we refuse to let anyone in.


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Waiting  Game

We wait, for the



. For the stars to be aligned properly, for the odds to be in our favor, for the tune to be what we desire.
For that great opportunity,
For our sadness to turn into happiness
For the melancholic feeling in our hearts to be no more.

We wait, we pause each day, refuse to enjoy the moment, keep to ourselves, refuse to tell our incomplete stories because they are not yet beautiful. Stories that might give another the strength to continue. We refuse to share our fears and insecurities. We wait, until our fears are no more. Until we no longer have scars, until we are clothed in glory, until we wear the crown of truimph.

We wait to share the picture, we still have acne, pimples and strech marks. The gains of workout is still invincible, the flappy underarm flesh are too thick. So we hoard our self worth. Keep our abilities and skills until we have the looks to match our brains.

We wait, until we become experts. Until we have enough resources, until we have the right connections, until we become excellent, until the little idea becomes something huge.
We wait and wait and wait until we die, only then we discovered we never truly lived.

Quit waiting and start doing..
“Do not despise the days of little beginnings, for God rejoice to see the work begin” Zechariah 4 vs 10