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“He will not smell,” Mary said to herself very early that morning.

Yesterday was a Saturday so she couldn’t visit his grave. Today, just before dawn she tapped the other ladies and urged them on.


Photocredits @Peter Soulsearchig

“He will not smell,” she told them, not while she was still alive.

They didn’t tell the men what they were up to. Peter especially would have talked them out of it, he was a rock who shivered at the slightest threat.

“He will not smell,” Mary repeated again as she took the last turn, the other women several yards behind. The stone they had argued about was no more. She dashed in, grabbed the grave clothes on the ground and wept.

“Why seek the living among the dead?” She heard a voice ask and instantly she knew he would not smell, not because she was still alive, but because he is risen.


PS : The above is a prompt by Peter Ademu-Eteh II, with inspiration drawn from the resurrection morning. I just decided to share here. Read, don’t get it twisted and may the eyes of your understanding be opened.

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