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“You know there is famously  no place less played in then an hospital playground”
Augustus to Hazel Grace

I have great love for ironies, it is right about my favourite figure of speech along with the hot lady oxymoron and the viral wizened metaphor. The above line from “The Fault In Our Stars”  by John Green is an inaccurately  perfect example.


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The disgusting beauty of two contrasting words placed side by side is a huge turn on. That aside, it further emphasise that unity is not all about similarities, it’s more or less a celebration of our differences. It is like a cookie, random ingredients put together and stuck in an oven, when you bite it. It becomes frustratingly awesome and you feel yourself doing a reverse back to Childhood.

The Fault in Our stars also offered me awesome lessons that could be thought a thousand years.
Aside showing me the beauty of metaphor, it seduced me with it’s simplicity. John Green just knows how to lay simple words side by side and all of a sudden you realise what a beautiful thing he has created.


So, simple can be beautiful. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate.  True beauty is mostly  found in simple everyday things. It is the combination of these beautiful things that makes life worth living.

So two lessons off the rack, the beauty of metaphor and the beauty of simplicity.
Who says reading isn’t fun?


PS: The movie or the book? I think books adapted into movies are actually more wonderful than their onscreen counterpart. There is a scintillating taste a combination of words leave in your mouth that a TV scene cannot dream of. My opinion and you are most welcome to express your disagreement.
Moreover I started watching the movie but stopped and have never returned since I started and finished the book. I guess i don’t want to spoil the taste John Green’s words left in my mouth with a movie.

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