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I finally sat down to watch #Scandal after much coercion from friends. Aside it being an exhilarating series that got me stuck until I devoured Season 1 to 4 in a week. I was dazzled by the unlimited twists and flicks it contains.

Olivia Pope became a character that I both love and loath. Love for her strong will and charisma but loathe for her affair with Fitz who is more interested in his erections than in being a husband to Milly or a President. Jake evolved from a character I treated with distrust to become my favorite.  Cyrus, one I respect who understands what needs to be done and most times makes the hard choices. Milly who is as milly as they come also stole my heart.


I can go on and on about the various characters,  give details of what I hate and love about each of them but something else caught my eye. Repeatedly Oliver Pope would ask  Cyrus
“How did we get here Cy?” a question that wasn’t quite meaningful  but extremely meaningful at the same time.
Being people with a high moral standing they found appalling some works of their hands and it amazed them how low they had fallen. Each character found themselves involved in various scandals and they plunged deeper in more scandals either to cover their tracks or correct their mistakes. But most times, the road they have embarked on becomes so steep that there is no going back. It becomes onward and forward ever.
Several times we see Olivia and her folks make compromises and soon they discovered they have become lost souls who could barely recognise who they once were.


I believe we are rocks, but when we compromise we lose a little bit of ourselves. Pieces of us get chipped off  bit by bit. So the more we compromise,  the bigger and sharper the egde of the axe gets. Chipping larger chunks off the block of our resolve so we find it easier to compromise more.


What was initially unthinkable becomes reflexive. We no longer get irated at some lucid thoughts for as easy as we sneeze we react without even knowing we have reacted. So the beat goes on, we keep at the compromising game as we continue to lose ourselves, until we are nothing but a huge gully.  Totally unrecognisable from what we once were and that is the tragic reality of what life is.
The question then is; can we bare not to compromise? When do we decide to compromise and when do we learn to draw the line and sink our feet in?