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“I wrote this as a part of my countdownt to 2015 post on facebook last year. Please do enjoy and share freely.”

I have seen the movie “Annabbele” I despise it. My stomach churned while I watched it but the movie left me with one indelible line ” a mother’s love is the most purest form of love and it’s closet to God’s love” paraphrased.

I have a mother, she has not just me but five of us. She is a super hero, the Avengers cannot do half of what she has done. Marvel and Universal studio knows bullocks, if they want a blockbuster let them do a movie about my mother. The sequel would be endless, It would shatter the US BOX Office and remain number one for ages.

My mother is a hyper super hero, she is more agile than Cat Woman and has more strength than Superman. She can mutate like all the characters in Xmen. She is omniscient, she knows details about my siblings and I that I can never know even if I have a PHD in ‘Familogy’.

My mother is a management guru, she doesn’t need to be in charge of world bank to allocate resources efficiently at home. She is a geek, would easily put Mark Zuckerberg to shame, her numerous inventions still leaves me startled.


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She doesn’t do APC vs PDP with her love ration (maybe she loves me more than my others siblings but who wouldn’t?) as she loves all her children equally (depending on how you define equal).

My mother is like a vampire, the tiniest of noise at night and she is awake, checking on her children to make sure we are all okay. She has superhuman strength, if I begin to paint scenarios Facebook will beg me to stop saying what’s on my mind.

My mother is my first love, am not ashamed to say it. If you say am mummy’s boy you are not wrong, why shouldn’t I be the boy of a hyper super hero?

My mother has not seen ‘chyking’ , the stunt my old boy did while wooing her is already shrinking because of mine. I tell her sweet nothings and don’t intend stopping anytime soon. She will continously hear my wretched voice cooing coarse lullaby in her ears.

My mother is not on Facebook but many mothers are and this can as well be written for you. My mother is not the only super hero, You are too and don’t let someone tell you otherwise.

For those mini superheros lurking on Facebook whose mothers have not kicked the bucket, don’t wait until she is no more and then you start gnashing your teeth wishing you gave her more attention. Buy her a golden casket or organise an elaborate funeral that will make the Royal wedding of Prince Charles quake.

Don’t wait for Marvel, Disney, Universal studio, Nollywood, NTA (scratch that) etc to celebrate her. Pick up your phone, dial her number, she wouldn’t mind Ferrari or designers. She still needs your love and your MONEY, spoil your mother silly. You can make her laugh like a little girl.

I LOVE MY MOTHER, She is the Best Mom I could ever have. You can sue me or you can go love yours but if you want my advice , it is simple “Love yours and make her know you do.”

PS: That is not my mother’s picture, neither am I the little girl there. I saw the pics online and it got my heart melting. I don’t know the owner, hence the @Unknown for its credit.

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