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Not every news is worth knowing, filter “the good shit and leave out the bad shit.”
That’s one way of staying sane in this almost insane world.
Have a daily intake of bad news and your blood pressure will spiral high as you ironically tumble into the depth of depression.
And don’t you sit there thinking depression is a white man’s disease or a problem for the wealthy. Your black/brown skin doesn’t immune you from it and most probably you are just damn broke and hungry that you mistake the sickening feeling in your stomach for hunger.

Depression is real, and real people feel it irrespective of their skin color or spending power. It’s just a double primetime tragedy if you are broke and depressed at the same time ; pick a struggle, one of these two wretched situations is hellish enough.


Nevertheless this is not to glorify depression, it is to enlighten you a health challenge exist called such and to advise you to carefully select the news you ingest daily. Don’t expect to feed yourself daily with stories of another ISIS massacre, another Boko Haram bombing, another PDP vs APC stampede,


another Earthquake in Asia, another cop shooting in USA, another failed policy of GEJ , and Out of form sport player, another scandal on the news and still feel good. There is no two way about it, you won’t. You are just as good as the junk or juice you feed yourself daily. Just as the more obese you get when you shove in junks continuously into your body, the more your increase the odds of your sky diving into depression if all you watch on TV is death, pain, sorrow and more death.

Have a healthy dose of good news. The media often ignore to create a fine balance of things and society have developed an almost infinite clamour for bad news.  It’s more like the sadder the news the more attention and sympathiser it attracts. Don’t become a part of that reality TV show where you head is all messed up with garbage and you become hypnotised with doom. Doom’s Day is still a long way off (if ever it exist), why choose to bring it closer by what you ingest?  And if all you see when you turn on the TV or go online are news that make you sad, pull the plug. Watching TV or being online isn’t the same as breathing.  There is definitely no correlation between the amount of oxygen that goes into your lungs and the number of hours you spend staring at your TV screen.


Deactivating one of your social network account won’t kill you. It might end up being the spring break your need to launch you into a glorious phase of  hyper productivity. Moreover crazy people don’t use facebook or twitter (okay some do,I admit)but you still need a certain amount of mental stability to be able to retweet and post that massively enhance selfie that you hope will attract more than a few likes to make you feel good. Your mental health is at stake if you continue to ceaselessly log on when you know you should take a break and temporarily suspend that account.


Stop feeding yourself with toxins and expect to have enough zest to achieve much daily. It’s counterproductive, a thinking very much on the dark side of foolishness. It’s swimming with your hands and legs tied; you will exert much effort and make no progress. Then you will sink faster than the Titanic and very little can be done to pull you back up.

It’s important you are informed of the ill happenings around you but don’t be an harbinger of doom or storehouse of bad news. Don’t become the person everybody runs to when they want to hear about the recent updates of ebola casualty, the number of school kids murdered by fundamentalist, the celebrity who decided to commit sucide because her dog refused to attend Oscar with her. Be something better or else you will become just another bad news flashed on TV if you continue at that pace.

Nuff said.

If you find all I have written above too complicated to understand just remember this;
Bitter ain’t the only taste the tongue can detect; you need a variety of others to have an effective and efficient taste bud.”

The choice is yours,  continuously take in all the bad shit and become a sewer or have a healthy balance of both good and bad.
Enjoy the rest of your day,
and remain sane.
God Bless you and of course He Loves you; even if you are an atheist.(Yeah, I know what I did there)

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