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That pleasing smell, that always leaves you wet. Wet in the lips as your tongue begin to water. The saliva pouring like waves beating the sands at the shore with whippy swash. You smell it again.

Your nose gets an erection but its direction is not towards coition. Your nostrils follows in swift coalition, open wide like the gate leading to damnation.

Your eyes flap, as the rushing wind push then back and forth. You could do more than percieve the smell. It gets realer than Real Madrid.

You see the aroma, your vision supersonic, the anticipation of what lies ahead spins your head like a Ferris Wheel.

The small voices in your head begin their wifely bickerings. One moment they become like One Republic the next they metarmophose into Different Shades of Gray. The voices jam into each other, like the multiple strands of a braided hair. But the result does not make you smile, you feel the angst in your stomach. You are a MultiChoice  subscriber with mutiple channels but can only see one.

The voices in your head speak louder and louder like the speaker of a party animal neighbour that won’t let you sleep at night.

You struggle up from your sleep. The salivating smell beckons you come. You are possessed, your master’s call you must answer. Your stomach bounce like flappy bed as you walk you feel like Rolling Stone. Not because you’ve got their talent, but because you could as wall roll instead of the treachery you subject yourself to disguise as walking.

Closer and closer the aroma draws you. You gather thick gobs of saliva like wads of cash evil politicians stick their rubbery belly with. You take a gulp in anticipation of what you want to swallow, the lure of that smell you can’t resist.

“Madam I can’t help it, can I have a plate from what you are cooking?” The words flow out of your mouth. It is January 3rd already. You resolved to loose weight at 2015’s Countdown. But as you stuff the pounded yam and egusi soup littered with meat and fish this total stranger brought for her family picnic down your throat with you eyes, you know you have failed. The anticipation of how you will wallop the swallow already displaced the weight  you lost by not eating on New Year Day.

“Na when man dey alive he take dey chop o. Besides hungry man nor get  shame.” You console yourself,
“Moreover if I can’t loose weight this year, I can always make another new year resolution next year.”

PS: That resolution you resolved, are you up for the challenge?

Here is to fiercer challenges this year.
Don’t be scared; fiercer challenge means greater success.
No pain, No gain.