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Immediately he opened his eyes the first image that visited him was 2016.
His jaws dropped and his heart pounded a thousand times. His morning wood got stiffer and coughed a cripsy cough but it spewed urine not sperm.

He felt the watery fluid hot like coffee caressing its way down his hairy tighs.

His mucuor of a brain woke up to think but what it did was to display hazy pictures followed by an headache that wasn’t smiling.

He shut it down, why think now when he didn’t think as he downed several bottles of liquor at the Countdown to 2015.

But think he must, for how can a night sleep last like Dracula’s millennia sleep?

Fortunately he was spared the gruelsome task of thinking when a heavy knocking yanked him from his stupid stupor.

“Oh boy, you drink like a fish! Respect man!” The words flew from the head at the door that did the knocking before.

He flinched his eyes and decided to take a second look at the 2016 he saw and was stunned when this time he saw 2018.

“You foolish o!” He said to himself as a creaky laugh fell from his mouth dazzling that head at the door that did the knocking before.

When he woke up he didn’t see the  colon between the 20 and the 16 niether had he seen it betwen the 20 and the 18.
It was 20:16 then and 20:18 now. He kept on laughing at himself and made an instant new year resolution.

“I will never drink this year except the buzz is free,” the words barely left his mouth when the head at the door that did the knocking before uttered the words that shattered his resolve.

“It’s still New Year Day, let’s enter the street and go have a few drinks.”


PS: That New Year Resolution you made, still up for it?


Photocredits @unknown