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….There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you…

The above sentence is an excerpt of a quote by Marianne Williamson, culled from her book “A Return To Love.”

She titled the quote “Our Deepest Fear” erroneously attributed to Nelson Mandela as part of his inaugural speech as the president of South Africa.

I first stumbled upon “Our Deepest Fear” years ago and resonated with it immediately. I fell in love with the words and each line struck melodious chords in the strings of my spirit. It immediately became the hit track of my soul together with Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”.

I had it stuck on the wall so it could be tattooed on my heart but the tattoo was drawn with cashew so it failed to get beyond the first layer of my skin.

But along came 2014 and she was graceful enough to let scales fall off my eyes so I could see there is more to that awesome quote.

I realized that I am neither a perfect work of art nor an expert wizard like Gandalf the White. I am raw like freshly butchered cow, uncoordinated like an epileptic patient, error prone like browsing with sketchy network, problem laden like Osama Bin Laden, serial sulker like a hanging blackberry, impulsive recliner and maybe worse but 2014 taught me I am so much more.

2014 taught me I had a lot to offer the world and it would not only be injustice to humanity to hoard it. It will also amount to an abuse of God’s creative power that he invested in working an incredibly horrendous masterpiece called me.

2014 helped me  realize I have held myself back. I have behaved like the proverbial tortoise who tried climbing a tree with a gourd tied around his stomach. I had gone skinny dipping with my hands and legs tied and thus I was causing irrelevant vibration in the water without a corresponding movement.

2014 opened my eyes to see that I had been unfair to myself. That I had failed to make use of countless opportunities presented my way yet praying earnestly for more.

2014 made me realize that in seeking not to be the center of attraction I have become a statue cast in stone backstage that does nothing but act as a hindrance to those running the show.

2014 asked me a question, “What is enlightened about shrinking?”

Rephrased as “what pleasure do you derive from refusing to be of service?”

I do not mean behaving like you are omniscient and omnipresent all wrapped in one. Acting like the world revolves all around you, like you are the master of time and space. Neither do I mean roving around the globe with an insatiable pride, swallowing all who are seemingly below you and scoffing arrogantly at those above you while seeking to bring them down. That thinking is as far as the North is from the South.

2014, taught me to consciously make use of my abilities, realize my limitations, graciously accept them and put effort towards eradicating them.

2014 told me I could cease to exist in a flash thus I need to be honest with myself, appreciate those who make my life meaningful and pour out what God has filled me with.

2014 yelled in my ear, write bro! Even if the words are as useless as Yakubu in front of a goal, stop pussyfooting and get those weirdly spectacular thoughts out of your head. They might be the blood tonic (or Krest Tonic) a crazy person needs to unleash his blessed craziness.

2014 whispered that most of the things I get worried and afraid about became irrelevant in the long run. So why shrink?

This might be an important lesson for me but I believe it is a lesson for us all. So I ask you my dear reader;

Why shrink?

Why fail to do what you can do because of others?

Why get so scared of success that you choose to fail?

Why get so afraid of the future that you decide to remain glued to the past?

Indeed our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; it is that we are powerful beyond measure.

Here is to a 2015 where we are not afraid to have fears but in the midst of our fears we choose to have faith and act on those personal goals, plans, schemes etc. that have been swallowed by cobwebs in our closet.

Here is to a 2015 where we decide to open our closet and let those prehistoric mummies falsely described as skeletons in the closet out with a bang for scientific research.

Here is to a 2015 where we light up our lives so the lives of others would light up and thus starting a chain reaction of lights that we will not need fireworks to make us ecstatic.

Here is to a 2015, where we will not just live, we will be liberated and thus give others permission to do same.

Like MI said in his song Epic, “the world is waiting on you,” So why shrink?

Welcome to 2015.