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Am not a pauper
Even if have had no meal
Am still not mean.
Am not a pauper
It may sound improper
But look beyond the paper
Then you will see am more than the normal.

Am not a pauper,
I might have no mails to tender
Grains to gather together
Or sail to splatter like commander .
Am not a pauper,
I refused to me named improper
To be looked with disdain and shudder
Am worth more than a cheque paper.

Am not a pauper,
I might have meals as prayers
I will not be a mean player
Your buying me nuts will not make me go nuts.
I am not a pauper
I may not have your external grandeur
But as long as I have my honour
I have eternal splendour

Am not a pauper
Whether I have tears for dinner
burnt bread for supper
Or rains fall on my frail shoulders
A meal is a meal whatever the weather.
As long as I have hope abundance
And breath remains free at all instance
I can never be a pauper; meal or not.