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Again you do the same thing

again I scold you for the same thing

Yet again I know you will repeat the same thing.

Oh yeah child of mine

what hasth thine ear for?

Merely a fan on thine head to wade off words?

Or a barn to rack up rotten yams?



Again this child of mine I scold you

again you give me a reason to scorn you

What delights derive thee to be object of shame?

What pleasure dosth thou gain being ridiculed?

Art thine layer of flesh so lead thick that the rays of insult spite you not?


Again my child you irk me,

Again you make my stomach rumble in anger.

How happy does my tense nerve make you?

Why make me believe you gat no brain?

What resides on thine head so large?

An empty barrel or a stuffed up trash?


Again my child I repeat the same thing

again you sit there sober and staring Yet I know what sequel follows this.

All my words become water after now

vaporized by the heat of your arid heart

How can wisdom grow in a land so dry?



Again my child my heart bleeds

again my spirit fall low Knowing thou seems unable to learn.

Art thine thinking ape like?

Art thine mind goat like?

Or thou just choose to spite me?






also published @ http://www.poetry.wrr.ng