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She could swear she hadn’t seen him act that way before, never in her wildest imagination had she thought he would. Howbeit, she has a very wild imagination. She is the type of person that creates sugary mountains out of unpleasant mole hills. While growing up, on one occasion her mom described her as a “self-willed canvas,” defined as “a blank canvas that doesn’t require a painter to create beautiful paintings.” She was quite capable of creating her own world with paints and brush of her own construction. Yet with that avid imagination of hers she never saw this coming. She was too distracted with her purported definition of reality that like a boxer busy posing for a selfie   for his beloved IGers, he didn’t see the left jab followed by an uppercut from his no nonsense ugly looking opponent. It’s a case of not fighting with ugly people being that they have nothing to lose.

She had gone ahead against all odds, she was the wise one. The thousands of voices and fingers pointing her towards the countless flirtation that labels his path were dismissed without much ado. The avalanche of emotions he arose clouded her thinking and made her numb to reality. It blinded her reasoning that the handwriting on the wall, bolded, underlined, italicized and even highlighted failed to get her attention. She simply waved it away as another ruse created by her so called haters to pull her down. She believed faultily that every decision she made was hers alone and it concerns no other person but herself.

Now she sits on her chair, sipping her cup of espresso, tears dropping from her eyes as she glanced at his smiling face on her Ipad. She cursed under her breath why she didn’t see that space between his teeth as the distance between the words in his mouth and the one in his heart. Her vivid imagination that had been lauded as her strength had become the Achilles heel to her demise. She had convinced herself that though a leopard cannot change its spot and a pig will always go back to the mud her own pig can be cleaned and clothed in ruby. She had showered him with excessive love, drowned him with sex and endless gifts, she had created fantasies in her head that will make even Disney shudder.

She scrolled through his pictures, zoomed closely to few his spotless face, pointed nostril and thick cherry lips that always has a magnetic pull to kiss. Then pushed the back button, tapped select all and then tapped delete. She just didn’t want to be reminded of his dubious ways by his phoney smile.  She stood up from the sit she had been glued all these while and made for her closet, fetching out every belonging of his. She gathered all in a pile and bundled them outside. She came back in through the back door and began scouting for every gift he had given to her. Smashing them on the ground as she wept, cursing for falling helpless in love with him. She had been a fool in love and fools always end up with broken hearts. Hers wasn’t just broken, it had been smashed in a thousand pieces and she was more than certain that never will she love another so deep. Her wanderings of love have been nothing but bleak, she always seems to love the wrong men. Ironically, the tell-tale signs always existed but she fails to see or rather chose to ignore they existed and her supposedly romantic tale always end on a sour note.

She gathered all his belongings and stared at the heap for few seconds, made up her mind, poured petrol from the 12 liters Image can she was holding. Lit up a match and throw it at the rubble lying in front of her as everything engulfed in flames. She stared at the flames through tears filled eyes as she remembered the words of her mother… “Open your eyes and see, don’t keep loving one who is playing you. Love may be blind but certainly not foolish.”

She cursed again, her heart ached as tears kept flowing but deep down she knew she would fall again. She never seems to learn from her mistakes. She just knew it deep down and the thought of that sends chill down her spine.