“No!! Not you!
No!!! Not you!” Bimpe cried in anguish and stumbled out of the church, she was shocked beyond words.
Talk of the devil, wolves in sheep clothing. Imagine him coming to her with a beaming smile, uttering congratulations like a saint with little remorse and totally unperturbed as to the works those treacherous hands of his have wrought. The pain he has caused not just her but countless others …yet came he wholly undisturbed, smiling and laughing with all decorum as if nothing happened and expecting her to accept without demur.
“Define…nately not!” She all but yelled as attempts were made to stop her barging through the exit, her clenched fist landing on the jaws of one unfortunate usher whose zealousness made him stand on her way like the great mountain before Zerubbabel , he sure became a plain as he landed on the ground hands on lower jaw as ecclesiastical stars buzzed over his head; he became a star that moment.
The church was in total pandemonium, hell seemed to have landed on God’s own holy temple and as the mythical legendary Fela Kuti sang, “…confusion everywhere… everybody run run run…” The clerics were all dismayed, they seemed at lost as to what is happening and the congregation was no different. Has the so much dreaded apocalypse talked about in revelation befallen them without they been aware?
The service started like every other day; no it wasn’t service as usual. It was tagged “UNUSUAL WORSHIP” and all things certainly was unusual. The Worship was extremely exhilarating, soul depth worship, all hearts were remorseful and emotions overran as tears flowed freely like stream from numerous eyes. One needn’t tell another there was a downpour of God’s spirit for him to know, it was evident. Then came the praise, the beat and the collection of songs were heavenly. It moved from one crescendo to another and peaked at the ultimate climax. If this is what they do every day in heaven, why won’t one long to be there? The message came, simple truths dished out undiluted and the whole church listened with rapt attention. You could even hear a pin drop. It all went well as altar call was made and the lost trooped to the pulpit, face sullen, heart grieved, spirit weaken and determination stronger than ever to reconcile truthfully with The Maker.
From the last pew trod Bimpe ready for this threshold of her life. She was sullen and lost and ready to surrender her all at the master’s feet as she has come to the realisation that true peace lies nowhere else than in his bosom. All went well as she repeated the words spoken by the preacher, it seemed genuine and heartfelt. But as she opened her eyes at the preacher’s instruction to follow some counsellors she saw him.
“Maybe the mind is playing games on me, revealing my worst fear right before my eyes,” she thought. But this was real more than ever and as he boldly smiled and advanced towards her, she snapped. She just could not take this…
How can he? If his sorts are welcomed here not as a fellow sinner like her waiting to be purged cleaned but as a hand to do the cleansing then this certainly aint worth it. Then the drama commence as she made way for the exit ;blood boiling and eyes blinded with tears as memories of the previous night replayed in her mind. As she staggered on, the stings of several hurts in the past were renewed and to think that one of the main culprit of her plight stood before her with arms open wide welcoming her into a glorious life, how can he? What glorious life could he be part of when she knows his true self when he’s off this garment of pious he wears? As she made way for the exit bulldozing all hindrances that stood her way with endless rage gushing out of her system her judgement became flawed. Just a single step she missed and down the stairs she tumbled and a huge thud was heard as she probably landed on the feet of the stairs. At the top stood he, totally dismayed and speechless, instant paralysis crippled his entire being and he was static like a stature unable to move. Eyes staring unblinkingly down the stairs.
How do one’s deeds catch up with them when they least expect? Only he knew why she acted as she did and the calamity that has befallen her pricked his even harden heart and awoken his long dead conscience.
“Oh what I have caused!“ he lamented as others rushed past him down the stairs to see if anything lies remaining of her to be mended. But could anything remain? Just that morning, a pile of rod was arranged closed to the stairs and those who were supposed to remove it didn’t. They didn’t use that exit today,
Didn’t she see the huge danger sign hanging boldly on the door when she went through?
Psalm 1 vs 1 “blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful.”